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YIN YOGA with Myofascial release

SUN 29th SEPT 2024 10am-12pm Euphoria Dance Studios Bedworth

  • 25 British pounds
  • Euphoria Dance Studios, 22 Marston Lane, Bedworth, CV12 8DH

Service Description

This Yin Yoga session will run as follows... -10am-11:30am Yin Yoga session with Pranayama (breathing techniques) Mindfulness meditation and Self massage Myofascial release work with small ball. -11:30am- 12pm Light refreshments This is the perfect opportunity to slow down and treat yourself to some well deserved 'ME TIME' away from the outside world for a few hours on a Sunday with me 'CLARE MARIE'. Yin Yoga is a practice of longer held yoga poses or shapes (often 3 mins or more per pose/shape) to target specific areas of the body based on Chinese meridian theory. Instead of focusing on our muscles it aims to target the much deeper connective tissues. It’s a practice to assist our body and mind to find harmony, healing and repair responses. This session will highlight which Yin Yoga shapes can be effective at this time of year so we can attune to the season. Mindfulness is the acceptance of the present moment, taking notice of how things are and taking a step back from living in ‘autopilot’ or ‘doing mode’ and waking up to what is actually happening now!! Pranayama is the practice of breath regulation. In Sanskrit 'Prana' means life energy and 'Yama' means to control. We can learn to control our breath to enhance our energetic body. Myofascial Release is a type of manipulation of the tissues of our body. These tissues surround and support our muscles. This type of release work can be used for managing pain and discomfort by easing tightness in 'trigger points' or specific areas of the body. Note this will be self massage and doesn't involve any work with others. The required myofascial release balls can be purchased on my online shop for just £5 and are yours to keep after the event. STRICT 72 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY £5 NON REFUNDABLE BOOKING FEE

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Euphoria Dance Studios, Marston Lane, Bedworth, UK

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