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Welcome to the home of Clare Marie Yoga and Pilates

Please have a look around my site to see what I do and where you can join me for classes and workshops. Feel free to contact me through my site and the social media links provided if you have any questions!

I  teach many weekly classes in Nuneaton, Bedworth and Atherstone- please see my Classes page - where you can book directly through my website and find out how to book onto my gym classes too.

I run regular Events throughout the year which are held on weekends which are longer and allow for even more relaxation time. Please see my Event page for more details...

What I teach
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YOGA - this practice is for everybody and every body and despite what many think isn't just about becoming more flexible. Yoga helps you to improve your mental health and peace of mind, teaches you controlled breathing techniques, de-stresses the mind and body, provides a sense of calm, reduces anxiety, helps with sleep and helps to tone the body.

PILATES - is suitable for all abilities and focuses on breath, flexibility, mobility, strength and functional movement. Pilates will focus on posture awareness and improvement along with core strengthening exercises, leaving you feeling empowered and stronger than when you arrived.

LES MILLS BODYBALANCE - Ideal for anyone and everyone, BODYBALANCE™ is a new generation yoga class that will improve your mind, your body and your life. You can expect to bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves, elements of Tai Chi and Pilates while an inspiring soundtrack plays in the background. Breathing control is a part of all the exercises, and I will always provide options for those just getting started.

YIN YOGA WITH MINDFULNESS- is a practice of longer held Yoga poses or shapes (often 3 minutes or more per pose) to target specific areas of the body based on Chinese meridian theory. Instead of focusing on our muscles, the practice aims to target the much deeper connective tissues. This assists our body and mind to find harmony, healing and repair responses.

About Me

About me

Clare Marie


This is me... Clare Marie

I have always loved to move! I started dancing at the tender age of 4 at the Julie Bromage Dance Academy in Bedworth. I created so many magical memories through the pure joy of dance and movement there until I was 18 years old. At this point there was never any doubt in my mind that I would attend a 'Stage school'. I gained a scholarship for 'Italia Conti Arts Centre' in Guildford where after 3 years of rigorous training I achieved a 'Diploma in Performing Arts' and many 'Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing' dance teacher training certificates.

It was after I left Italia Conti in 2010 that I really discovered 'Yoga' for the first time. At this stage I was using it purely as a way to keep my body in shape and maintain my high levels of flexibility whilst auditioning for professional dance roles. 

I then secured a role as a 'Team star' and 'Dance captain' for Park Resorts holidays. Although the work was great fun it was very physically demanding and after a few months I unfortunately became very unwell leading me to leave this role. After many years of investigation following this I was diagnosed with ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A hugely debilitating condition leaving me very poorly and unable to work. I felt at such a loss as my body just didn't feel my own anymore!

I eventually found the Optimum Health Clinic in London who specialise in this condition and it was then that I started to do yoga again but this time very gentle stretches and movement to heal from the immense 'burn out' of my body. I could only manage a very short 10 minutes of yoga each day but I persevered and over time became stronger and stronger through Yoga, combined with lots of other holistic, meditation and nutrition tools too. This was the start of my journey back to health and feeling 'me' again and I realised that Yoga was so much more than just the physical poses, it had the ability to 'heal' and had unlimited health benefits both physically and mentally.

In 2016 I realised that I simply had to share this wonderful way of moving with others to help them in the way it has helped me. I decided to take the brave step and qualified with a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga in August 2017. From this time my thirst for knowledge was quenched and I haven't stopped learning since.

I have completed LES MILLS training and become an 'Advanced Bodybalance instructor', gained my 'Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga', 'Level 3 Diploma in Teaching mat Pilates' and completed 120 hours of 'Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation training' with the wonderful Sarah Lo. I am currently building these hours up to 200.

I can honestly hand on heart say that teaching holistic mat based classes has been life changing for me in many ways.

I follow my life's mantra; 


My classes will always aim to promote overall health and wellbeing by bringing awareness to the body and mind connection. I am hugely passionate about Yoga and Pilates and now feel it is my life purpose to share my passion with you.

Life will send us challenges but we can learn to remain calm in order to be able to ride with the waves!

Clare Marie


Daniel - Bodybalance


"Whilst on a drive to get healthy and lose some weight I stumbled across Bodybalance classes at Atherstone Leisure Centre and thought - why not? I'll give it a go! And I am so glad I did!!

From the very first class with Clare, I was hooked not only on the technique and flow of the class but the increadibly clear and inspiring way in which Clare delivers every class. You will always leave feeling better than when you started and I always learn something new and can see my own improvement as I progress with my technique.


I never miss a class and wonder how I managed without them!"

Carrie-Ann - Yoga, Pilates & Workshops

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Clare now for 5 years through attending her Yoga, Pilates classes and Yin Yoga workshops. 


Having  suffered many years with a bad back Clare's classes have made such a difference to helping ease my back pain, alter my posture, given me more flexibility and all round strength.

Clare's calming voice, breath work and guidance throughout her classes ensure a mindful, relaxing experience helping to reduce stress and anxiety thus providing an awareness for both mind and body.

The main benefits I feel after attending her classes is a 'huge mood and energy boost', 'feel good factor' and not to mention a restful nights sleep!


Clare's knowledge and passion shines through."

Lynne R - Yoga

"I have been doing Clare's Yoga for a few years now after being reluctant to try it. I always thought that you needed to be really bendy and calm to be good at yoga and I wouldn't describe myself as either! 

To my surprise I love everything about it. It makes such a difference to my body. My hips and hamstrings always appreciate a good stretch and Clare's flows always incorporate those niggly little areas that need a bit of attention

Clare is such a lovely, calm teacher, everyone would feel the benefit from one of her sessions. 

5 stars from me, I highly recommend Clare Marie Yoga and Pilates"

Faye E - Workshops

"I’ve attended two of Clare’s myofascial release yoga workshops both upper and lower body.


I have benefited so much from the practices that Clare has shared in these sessions, they have helped with my flexibility in my yoga practice. 


I also suffer with tension and knots in my back and shoulders, I think that the ball will become my new best friend. 


The sessions are really relaxing, perfect for a Sunday morning, it’s lovely to meet new people and socialise over the delicious cakes that Clare kindly bakes for us too"

Stephen - Yin Yoga

"After attending regular Body Balance classes, Clare suggested I try Yin Yoga in a bid to help me unlock a more 'mindful' approach to workouts and to balance out the HIIT classes i attend every week. Yin Yoga has been an excellent opportunity for me to take time for myself and to explore, through long held stretches and indulgent mindful meditation, the benefits of 'slowing down' and listening to my body.


Clare is a wonderful teacher who aims to ensure every participant in class leaves feeling replenished and with a true sense of calm. The Yin Yoga workshops host a very welcoming atmosphere and I have been hooked since the first visit!"

Samantha R - Pilates & Yoga

"I've enjoyed practicing Yoga and Pilates for over 10 years with many different teachers.

However, I can honestly say meeting Clare and becoming part of her classes has been absolutely amazing. I've been going to Clare's classes for quite a few years now and have learnt so much about both Yoga and Pilates, including the principles behind both practices.


Clare's approach to each of her clients individually is so caring and inclusive. She always gives lots of alternatives to suit everyone and talks about the positions in relation to the benefits for our body.


I would recommend Clare to anyone, whether they are a beginner or experienced.


Clare's love for learning and teaching Yoga and Pilates shines through in every class she does."

Karen P - Pilates

"I have been going to Pilates for about 5 years now and attended  classes with a number of instructors. I have attended Clare's classes for the last few years - I love Clare's classes!

There is always a lovely atmosphere and invariably there are options for degrees of difficulty with each move. 

Clare is clear with her instructions and guides participants through each move, offering encouragement through out the session.

Clare's sessions are always a positive experience, both physically and mentally."

Juliet M - Bodybalance

"I've been attending Clare's Bodybalance classes for about 5 months. Clare's classes are fantastic and well differentiated for all levels. She instills confidence and encouragement throughout her classes without you feeling pressure to push yourself further than your ability.

I have to say that the changes in my physical and mental wellbeing has been incredible. I am so much stronger and more flexible. I've become toned and slimmer with a huge reduction in my waistline!

Most importantly is the improvement in my overall wellbeing.

I can highly recommend Clare's classes as she is a fantastic practitioner in all her disciplines.


Simply put....She's amazing!"

Kerry O - Yoga

"I was fortunate to discover Clare and her Yoga back in Autumn 2017. As a first time Yogi she made me feel relaxed and at ease straight away.

Clare's great at giving you options, from beginner to advanced and everything in between! Her class really does add value to the rest of my training.


Clare really is one of the best around and really does care about her class participants, she personally sent me exercises after a car accident and knee surgery. I recommend her yoga classes to everyone!"

Sue H - Yoga

"I have been attending Clare's classes for 3 years now and I absolutely love them. She has such a warm personality, clear teaching style and her enthusiasm and calmness shine through.

Clare's classes are adaptive and cater for all ages and abilities so there is never any pressure.

My flexibility and fitness have improved and I always come away feeling much more relaxed and happy."

Kerry K - Yoga

"I have been attending Clare's Yoga class for a number of years now and can honestly say that it is the best part of my week!


Clare teaches her classes in a way that are suitable for all levels of ability and you always leave feeling calm and refreshed."

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