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Upcoming Events...


Yin yoga with myofacial release

Sunday 29th September

10am - 12pm

Euphoria Dance Studio


Please visit my shop if you need a ball for any of my workshops and feel free to browse my Clare Marie exclusive merchandise

Spring Cherry Blossom


My events and workshops are run at the weekend to allow for longer practices.

They are the perfect way to unwind after a busy week at work, with all the stresses and pressures life can throw at us in our daily lives.

I offer both 2 and 4 hour workshops, the longer workshops are split into two sessions, morning and afternoon, I include a break for refreshments and socialising in between and a chance to ask questions and learn new ways and techniques to reach calm, peaceful and mindful states.

The workshop content will vary each time, so that you will learn and experience something new with every session.

Does your body always feel tight? Sore? Painful? Are you searching for relief for the daily stresses of life? Feel constantly depleted or exhausted? Then this is the perfect opportunity to slow down and treat yourself to some well deserved "ME TIME" away from the outside world for a few hours on a Sunday with me

Clare Marie

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